Sunday, October 13, 2019

Would You Like A Little Twang In Your Tweets?

Here are 20 reasons to date a cowboy:
1. Do you like meat? So does he. Cowboys are usually meat and potato guys.
2. Love western attire but never had a reason to wear it? Now you can.
3. For some reason cowboys look better in jeans compared to City guys. You've heard the saying, "cowboy butts drive you nuts".
4. Cowboys have that rugged manly look about them. You feel safe.
5. Cowboys will take you out into nature and show you the stars. 
6. Tire of city boys who don't know the difference between a flat head screw driver and a Phillips? 
7. Cowboys treat woman with respect and love their mama.
8. You never have to worry about your man not liking dogs or horses.
9. The sexy black cowboy hat and tight wranglers are enough to ooze you over. 
10. How about a little rodeo adventure, don't be surprise if it's not your first date. 
11. Cowboys are hard workers and don't take no bull from nobody. 
12. Cowboys are early to bed and early to rise kind of guys, therefore they normally are not bar flies.
13. If you love to cook, a cowboy is your type of guy. Just make sure you cook enough for those hardy appetites.
14. Cowboys are muscle bound from lifting hay and riding horses. 
15. Don't mistake kindness for stupidity. Cowboys are gentle bulls.

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