Monday, October 15, 2018

HERE'S YOUR SIGN! by AstroFrame
Wants to learn everything
Gemini people need to have fun! They are particularly sociable people and love learning and trying out new things.
Our expert’s advice: Our Gemini friends live by the motto ‘knowing too much is always a good thing’. Try out new activities, sign up for some classes, such as cooking, dance, singing, theatre or pottery, you have so many activities to choose from and your whole life to practice them.
Wants to start a family
Cancers need stability and they need to be surrounded by kind people, their home life is the most important thing for them, hence their need for stability. 
Our expert’s advice: Cancer, have you already found your perfect partner? Your life goal is to start a family and lead a life full of love and happy, carefree moments.
Wants to be famous
Leos are real stars and crave attention, they love having all eyes on them and are often very jealous of what other people have.
Our expert’s advice: Leo people want to be stars, this is their objective! So, Leos why not try making your dreams a reality? Have you ever thought about starting up your own business or launching an artistic career?
Wants to feel healthy
In order to feel fulfilled, Virgos need to feel helpful, so they pay particular attention to their health so they can always lend a hand when need be.
Our expert’s advice: Look after yourselves Virgo, for your health is your greatest asset. Your goal is to help and guide other people, have you ever considered charity work? You’d be perfect for it!
Wants to find kindred souls
Libras need to feel loved and surrounded by a good group of people. Libras are sociable people and their diaries need to be full of social events. Libra people also thrive in artistic environments.
Our expert’s advice: Libra, your life objective is to find your soulmate and set up a life with them. Surround yourself with good friends that share the same philosophies and passions as you, that way you’ll never get bored.
Strives for personal improvement
Scorpios love leading intense lives, they need to live them to the fullest and enjoy every possible moment. Scorpios need to take part in lots of activities and to indulge in their passions, they need to be kept on their toes!
Our expert’s advice: Scorpio, your life goal is to surpass yourself and to excel in all areas. Why not consider a career change if your current job is too mundane, you’d make a great firefighter for example.
Wants to win
Sagittarius people are naturally adventurous and playful, and above all they need to feel rewarded for their hard work and efforts, whether that be in terms of medals or certificates.
Our expert’s advice: Dear Sagittarius’, your life goal is to set yourself challenges. Why not consider taking up a new activity or sport, in which you could compete against other people?
Wants success at work
Capricorns need to deliver and shine on a professional level, they feel compelled to be the best in the office and need to perfect their projects, despite the hefty workload involved. Capricorns are discreet people and aren’t tempted to boast even when they have accomplished the impossible.
Our expert’s advice: Professional success is your goal, Capricorn. Try to find a job that you genuinely enjoy and a hobby in which you could excel in and also learn to love.
Wants to discover the world
Aquarius’ are very independent people and need to get out and experience new adventures, whether it's backpacking in another country or simply through meditation. Aquarius’ relish change and hate being stuck in boring routines.
Our expert’s advice: Aquarius, your life objective is to be free! You’ll find your happiness by exploring new horizons and travelling, give meditation a go too, it’ll help you clear your head.
Wants to find love
Pisces people are very sensitive and need to feel loved by their friends and family. They dream of finding their perfect other half and have a great sense of faith and spirituality, which has a big influence on their lives.
Our expert’s advice: Dear Pisces, your life objective is to focus on yourself and live in perfect harmony with the person that you are! Meditation or sophrology could be the perfect pastimes for you!