Sunday, April 29, 2018

Country Stars say; "What if there are no song ideas left?

Keith Urban

For me, a lot of the time the music tells the story or draws the story out versus the other way around".

Thomas Rhett
I worry about that every day. Me and dad joke about it. We get in a room and think, “What is left to write?” People write songs all day, every day. So it’s hard to do it, but when you can come up with a hook that’s never been said before, or an idea you’ve never heard before, it’s a blessing.

Dierks Bentley
You’ve got eight notes, right? And I always wonder how many times you can you play the same chord progression.

Rhett Akins
Every day, I think I’m out of ideas. When I’m driving to work, I think, “Please let the person I’m writing with today have an idea, because I am fresh out.”

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