Saturday, July 22, 2017

Looks Or Personality? The Cowboy's Weigh In!

So how should a relationship start out? We think that in the end, it has to be a combination of both physical attraction and personality. So we scoured the internet to see how guys reacted to the age old question.

Cowboy #1: As you get can lessen the looks requirement but while you are deserve that inferno of passion that awaits you.

Cowboy #2: Women's feelings are one thing, but in a man, my opinion is that there HAS to be sexual attraction from the start. The person does not have to be physically stunning, but there has to be a few things that make the man want her.

Cowboy #3: are pigs...generally we are highly driven by what we physically see. Big boobs and a nice arse has trophy written all over it. So what if she has the personality and intelligence in and of itself always comes to the forefront.

👉 Best Answer! Cowboy #4: Both are important. Looks are what catches the guy or girls eye first and the personality keeps them attracted. I think that personality wins hands down. Looks dont last forever, its the personality that stays with you. Focus more on the personality because its what keeps the girl or guy and it makes for a long relationship.

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