Friday, June 16, 2017

Happy Endings

How cute are they?

First time either one ever tried online dating!

"We can both say that GOD led us to Western Match so that we could meet".

Found someone on site, please delete!

Deleting for now. Found someone. Great site!

Delete profile - WHY NOT?? Found a HOTTIE with a BODY!!!

I have found my forever mate, thank you for all you did for me. You guys rock. Love your sight.

I have met someone special on Western Match. I want to see if it works out. Please delete profile.

I have met someone special. Thank you for your help.

I've met someone through your service. I've been on WM for 2 years. They say you can't rush a good thing. Well, I think I've found my little lady through your site. Thank you for the use of your dating service. I wish others the best of luck.

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How online dating can work for some and why it doesn't work for others. has been in the online dating business since 2002. We know what works and what doesn't work when it comes to online dating. We have approved hundreds of thousand of profiles over the years and have observed those that left the site with a smiley face 😊 and those that gave the thumbs down in frustration. 😠

We want to be your happy place!

Look, there are literally thousands of online dating services and dating apps. With the wide range of dating sites singles are getting burned out in creating dating profiles, so they sign up with no real expectations and put a sentence in the about me section, and a not so good photo and hope for the best. You have to help us help you.

Questions we ask our selves while approving profiles.

1.) Why did they post that photo?

2.) What does "Hit me up" mean exactly when it's posted in the "about me section of their profile"?

3.) What kind of username is that? There's no meaning behind it.

4.) Hmm, cute horse, nice truck, now where's the picture of themselves?

You've come to our service because you are single and looking to meet someone. Just think, thousands of people are looking for the same thing as you and they are all in one place! The internet is your best chance at meeting someone great. Therefore, you MUST put the effort into your profile, because it is so worth it. Sign up, post awesome photos, be creative and sound cheerful even if you aren't. Oh, and please be patient. Everyone is on a different time table and may not be able to answer you right away.